GF web-based syntax editor

John J. Camilleri
January 2013

A tool for building and manipulating abstract syntax trees in GF. This is meant as improved replacement of the old syntax editor.

Example usage

If you want to use the tool in your own application, everything you need in the source files editor.html and editor_online.js. Contact the GF developer mailing list if you have any problems.

Available startup options

Grammar Manager

Options Description Default
initial.grammar Initial grammar URL, e.g. "http://localhost:41296/grammars/Foods.pgf"
initial.startcat Initial startcat (grammar default)
initial.languages Initial linearisation languages, e.g. ["Eng","Swe","Mlt"] (all)


Options Description Default
target "editor"
initial.abstr Initial abstract tree (as string), e.g. "Pred (That Fish) Expensive"
lin_action Function called when clicking on the language button beside each linearisation.
lin_action_tooltip Tooltip for the button beside each linearisation.
show_grammar_menu Show grammar menu? True
show_startcat_menu Show startcat menu? True
show_to_menu Show languages menu? True
show_random_button Show random button? True
show_import Show import button/panel? True
show_export Show export button? True


To do/feature requests

Known bugs