Word inflection with smart paradigms

Give language, part of speech, and one or more word forms, to obtain the inflection table.


Thus notice that word forms are given without quotes. In addition to word forms, in some languages it might be necessary to give an inherent feature (e.g. gender) and these are prefixed with an underscore _.

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Language and part of speech

The available languages are:
Afr Amh Ara Bul Cat Chi Dan Dut Eng Est Eus Fin Fre Ger Grc Gre Heb Hin Ice Ina Ita Jpn Lat Lav Mlt Mon Nep Nno Nor Pes Pnb Pol Por Ron Rus Slv Snd Spa Swe Tha Tur Urd

The parts of speech are: N (= noun), A (= adjective), V (= verb).

The way this works is that the program constructs the most probable inflection table from the forms given. For a vast majority of words in all languages, it is enough to give just one form. But sometimes more forms are needed to get the inflection table right.

This is a front-end to the Paradigms modules in the GF Resource Grammar. See RGL Synopsis for more information on available languages and paradigms.