About the Simple Translation Tool

This is a simple bilingual document editor. Documents consist of a sequence of segments that are translated independently. The user can import text in the source language and obtain automatically translated text in the target language. Imported text can be segmented based on punctuation. Optionally, one can also use line breaks or blank lines to indicate segmentation in imported text. Text can be edited after it has been imported.

Through menu options, the user sets the source and target language for the document and chooses which translation method to use by default. The tool supports the following machine translation services:

If an unsatisfactory automatic translation is obtained, the user can click on it and replace it with a manual translation. If multiple translations are obtained, one of them is shown by default and the other ones are available in a popup menu.

Source segments can also be edited. If a GF grammar is used for translation, the Minibar and the Syntax Editor can be used. A plain text box is also available, regardless of translation method.

The tool handles a set of documents. Documents can be named, saved, closed and reopened later. Documents can be saved locally or in the cloud.


Last modified: Fri Apr 19 15:58:50 CEST 2013